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 KBC means Kuan bane ga crorepati,is game of affection and sympathy.Countless love ,affection and sympathy are showing for native and poor.The game show has two or three goal in their target and aim.To support and give hope the simple and fatalist is the main agenda of this KBC lottery winner lucky draw.Because Country people are facing unemployment and inflation due to corrupt and one sided system of the recent Democratic cabinets.Uppers are being lofty persons day by day.They are leading luxurious and enjoying life due to dishonesty and disintegrity.The miserables have no hope and shining in their minds and souls regarding good days and lovable future.The confused farmers and labourers have no happiness in their future life.The suffering generation is facing unemployment,cheating ,deceiving and atrocities.The children of these tribes have no good opportunity.Their schooling system is very back word and destructive.They are facing catastrophic hurricane in their lives and days.No shining chance in future and life.


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